The Counseling Department is staffed by professional counselors with training and expertise in the areas of personal, educational, and vocational/career development. In addition to services provided by the professional counseling staff, the Center is also staffed by teaching faculty who can provide academic advisement in their areas of concentration or major. Counselors and advisors will assist students in making satisfactory progress in their program of study and will confirm that they are taking appropriate prerequisite course work necessary for success in higher level courses which may be required for their major.


Counselor Position Office
Raul Alcala Full-time International Student Services, Voc 116
Isabel Cambridge Full-time L-206    EOPS Students Only
Steve Clark Full-time Transfer/Career Center
Kim Donaher Full-time N/A
Sabrina Frias Full-time L-206a
Dr. Cristina Garcia Full-time L-207a    EOPS Students Only
Cindy Lutz Full-time L-212    EOPS Students Only
Sue Helfgott Full-time L-212a
Tatiana Khoubiar Full-time L-220
Anthony Lewis Full-time L-209
Sutara Lor Full-time L-216
Enrique Renteria Full-time L-215
Dr. Dennell Smith Full-time L-207
Gina Vang Full-time L-218
Dr. Inga Maples Full-time L-214    DSPS Students Only
Michelle Gilardi Full-time LB-A131    Los Banos Campus
Michelle Stanford Full-time LB-A132    Los Banos Campus
Deborah Swarts Full-time L-205   DSPS Students Only
Dr. Melody Molina Full-time L-204   DSPS Students Only
Liliana Renner Full-time L-208
Dr. Soua Lee Full-time Transfer/Career Center
Araceli Gonzalez Full-time IT-14    CTE Students Only
Jazmin Serrano Full-time LB-A
Christina Fuentes Full-time LB-A

Adjunct Counselors

Counselor Position Office
Jaime Duran Adjunct N/A
Karina Flores Adjunct N/A
Manhsio Smith Adjunct N/A
Yer Yang Adjunct N/A
Yanira Anaya Adjunct LB
Leticia Rodriguez Adjunct LB
Dr. Jean Barry Adjunct International Student Services
Bethany Long Adjunct N/A