Program Description

Geography studies the interaction between human societies and their environments.

  • Geography looks at the spatial connection between people, places, and the earth.
  • Physical Geography studies everything from weather to earthquakes; glaciers to maps; and landforms to seasons. Deciding what to wear each day to where you decide to live is influenced by Physical Geography.
  • World Regional Geography looks at people and cultures and how the environment influences them and how they influence their environment.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Geography:

Geography (AA-T)

Career Opportunities

Unfortunately, the job title of “geographer” is not often found in companies or government agencies (with the most notable exception of the U.S. Census Bureau). However, more and more companies are recognizing the skill that a geographically-trained individual brings to the table. You’ll find many geographers working as urban planners, cartographers (map makers), GIS specialists, transportation management, environmental management, demographer, real estate appraisal, national park ranger analysis, scientists, researchers, and many other positions. You’ll also find many geographers working as instructors, professors, and researchers at schools, colleges, and universities.

Geography Faculty