Free student email is available to all students who attend Merced College. The email account may be accessed from within the Student Portal at; or go directly to

The password for your email is the same as the password for your MC portal and Canvas
Note: wait 5 minutes after changing the MC Portal password for it to work on your email.
The username for your MC Portal is:  firstname.lastnamexxx  
The username for Canvas is:     firstname.lastnamexxx
The username for your MC email is:
(The username for Canvas, WiFi, Parking, etc. is the same as the username for the MC Portal) 
Use Chrome browser, it works better (if it does not work, reset the browser).
However, if you do not know your password for the MC Portal, we will reset it.
  • Grades and communication about your registration group will be sent to your Merced College e-mail address.
  • Your e-mail address ( will allow you to send information to your college instructors and other college officials.
  • The password for your email is the same as the password for MC Portal
  • You get five free copies of Microsoft Office Professional once you log on to your email.
  • Your student email will be terminated after you stop being a student at Merced College.

As of 2020 only students who are active, that is, registered for classes on the current semester, have the ability to send emails. The only exception is sending emails to A&R. You account can send emails to Admissions and Records.
If you are not registered for classes, you cannot send emails, unless you are in the Allied Health Nursing program.
We apologize for the inconvenience, please contact Counseling to communicate with professors:

Good News: We are working on a solution so that all students registered for future semesters can send emails. 05/05/2020

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