What is my Username?

Your username is the first part of your campus email address. For example, if your email address is joe.student@campus.mccd.edu, your username would be joe.student as in the example below:

Username (MC Portal,  Canvas, WiFi, etc.):  joe.student
Email and username for email: joe.student@campus.mccd.edu

Password: the same password that you use for MC Portal

I Forgot my Password

You can reset your password on the MC Portal login screen.

Login to MC Portal for the First Time

I Still Need Help

Click here for a brief explanation:


If you never established a recovery phone or email, you will not be able to reset your password.

Contact Student Tech Support for assistance.

Call, 209 381 6565, 209 381 6514 (Eduardo), Email, myhelp@mccd.edu (Eduardo), helpdesk@mccd.edu, or Zoom, https://cccconfer.zoom.us/my/shd.mccd.edu (Eduardo. Passcode 1234)