What is Canvas?

Merced College classes may use Canvas or Blackboard learning management system to deliver course content and assess your learning.

Video Tutorials on Using Canvas

How to Access Your Online Classes via Canvas

  1. Access Canvas via this link: https://mccd.instructure.com/. Also, you may access Canvas via the MC Portal.
  2. Login with your username and password (DO NOT use the @campus.mccd.edu in the username).

I Need Help With Online Classes

Refer to the Online Learning pages for assistance with online casses.

Online Help for Canvas

Canvas Guide Online:

Example of a typical question asked by students:

How do I upload a file as an assignment submission in Canvas?
Answer: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10663-421254353

Just go to Canvas Guide help pages clicking here and type your question


The Most Asked questions:


1. Why can't I log unto Canvas? I get this message: Failed to log in

If you see this message, please do not worry. The error will dispear the date in which your course starts and you will be able to succesfully access Canvas.

Canvas Error

2. How do I attach a Google Doc to my assignment?

Your first step is to set up Canvas to allow your Google Docs account to interact with Canvas. Then, it will be easy and intuitive.

Go to Account, Services, Web Services and add Google Docs (image 1). Then click on Authorize Google Doc Access (image 2). Once you do that, log into Google by choosing the account you want to authorize (image 3). Finally, allow access to instructure.com (image 4). Once you do this, you will be ablet to attach documents.

Image of Canvas Control Panel highlighting Account, Senttings and Google Docs

Window asking permission to authorize google docs

Image of Google website asking you to choose an account to log in

Image of Google asking permission to authorize Canvas (instructure)