The following include, but are not limited to, the various services performed by the Merced Community College District Police Department in support of law enforcement:

Response to 911 and Other Calls

MCCD Police Department will respond to all 911 calls that occur on district grounds.  Officers are trained to handle incidents that may require first aid, victim assistance, emergency notifications, and de-escalation of violent situations with the responsibility to apprehend.

Investigation of Crimes

MCCD Campus Police Officers will investigate all crimes that occur on district grounds.  Campus Police Officers will provide a factual written documentation supporting their findings.

Escort Service

MCCD Police Department provides escort services, upon request.  Please contact the Campus Police Department for further details.

Traffic Collision Response

MCCD Police Department will respond to all reported vehicle collisions within the district.  Collisions will be documented in report form and forwarded to Merced County Sheriff.

Issuance of Parking Citations

MCCD Police Department's Parking Enforcement Officers issue citations for parking violations.  Refer to Parking Information.

Issuance of Traffic Citations

MCCD Police Officers will issue traffic citations for traffic violation.  All traffic laws are observed  on District grounds.

Vehicle Removal

Abandoned vehicles will be removed by order of MCCD Police Department if left unattended in excess of 72 hours without prior authorization. VC 22651.05(a)(1).
Overnight parking is subject to citation and/or removal, if, without prior approval.


With approximately 80 digital video cameras, MCCD Police Department has a video surveillance system in place to assist in investigations.

911Shield Smartphone App

Merced College offers 911Shield app, which links students and faculty directly to campus police in the event of an emergency.  Download it now on your smartphone. Contact MCCD Police Department for further information.

See the 911Shield Emergency Notification page for more information on downloading the app.

Code Blue Box

By picking up the receiver, MCCD Police Department will automatically be connected and Police personnel will be en route. 

For more information on Services, please contact the Campus Police Department.