COVID-19 Disclaimer

  • You can still check out physical items, such as books, CDs, and DVDs, but you need to request them for pick-up. This excludes textbooks on reserve.
  • You can request a limited number of chapters from textbooks on reserve to be scanned an emailed to you. You can also request to pick up print copies.
  • Books check out for 4 weeks.
  • CDs and DVDs check out for 1 week.
  • Return items in the outside bookdrop. At the Merced Campus, the bookdrop is a slot in the wall of the library building to the right of the double-doors.

Borrow Materials

  • Check out materials using your Merced College ID. 
  • Check out out computers, books, CDs,  and DVDs at the Check-Out Desk on either floor.
  • Check out Microsoft SurfacePros, iPad Minis, and  textbooks on the 1st floor. 
  • Check out Study Rooms on either floor.
Material Check-Out Period Late Fine

3 weeks 

  • $0.10/day
  • 1 day grace
  • $10 max
DVD & CD 1 week
  • $0.10/day
  • 1 day grace
  • $10 max
Instructor Reserves 

2 hours; in-library use only


  • $1.00/hour
  • 9 min grace
  • $10 max

4 hours; in-library use only

No fines
Microsoft SurfacePros & iPad Minis
  • 4 hours; in-library use
  • Limited # of iPads & laptops for weekend & 1-week use


Study Room 2 hours $1.00/hour
Headphones, calculators, dry-erase markers, etc. 4 hours; in-library use only No fines
Periodicals (print magazines, journals, newspapers) & Archives 8 hours; in-library use only
  • $1.00/hour
  • 9 min grace
  • $10 max

Renew Materials

  • You may renew books, DVDs, and CDs once at the Check-Out Desk or online through OneSearch.
    • Additional renewals must be done at the Check-Out Desk.
  • Renew computers, Microsoft SurfacePros, and iPad Minis at the Check-Out Desk.

Return Materials

  • Inside book drops are located in the Check-Out Desk counter in both libraries. 
  • Outside book drop at the Merced Campus is in the wall to the right of the double entry doors.
  • Outside book drop at the Los Banos Campus is in the wall next to the exterior bookstore window.