COVID-19 Disclaimer

Since the library buildings are closed, you can't use Instructor Reserves in-person, but you can request materials online.

Limited Support

Instructor Reserves are textbooks and other course materials that your instructor has put on reserve for in-library use. As the library buildings are closed for regular services, the library staff is making reserves accessible by scanning and emailing a limited amount of material.

Instructor Reserves are meant to offer limited support until you are able to purchase or rent your required materials. Most of the materials on reserve are donated or purchased with equity and other non-library funding, so the library may not have every textbook available on reserve.

Copyright Restrictions

Due to copyright law, the library cannot make complete scans of your textbook. This is a legal issue.

Request Amounts

You may request a limited number of scanned chapters from textbooks on a weekly basis. Please see how much you can request below.

  • Full-Semester Course (18 weeks)        -  one chapter per week per textbook
  • Short-Term Course (9 weeks)                 -  two chapters per week per textbook
  • Fast-Track Course (6 weeks or less)   - three chapters per week per textbook

Delivery & Turnaround

  • All material is scanned and emailed to your MCCD email when it is ready.
  • Don't want an email with scans? You can request to pick up a paper copies.
  • The turnaround process for fulfilling requests is typically between 24-48 hours depending on request load.
  • Requests are not filled on weekends, non-instructional days, nor holidays.

How to Request

Visit Making Textbook Requests to learn more.