Learning Resource Center Administration 

Karissa Morehouse
Dean of the Learning Resource Center, Distance Education, Inmate Education, Adult Ed. & Noncredit, and Off-site Centers
(209) 384-6082

Carmen Moreno
Area Secretary of the Learning Resource Center and Distance Education
(209) 386-6709

Faculty Librarians

Name Area Location Email/Phone
Joey Merritt Faculty Lead, OER Liaison Merced Campus                         
(209) 384-6283
Wayne Altenberg Instruction, Reference Los Banos Campus
(209) 381-6431
Kathleen Brantley-Gutierrez        Reference Merced Campus
Karrie Bullock Prison Education Lead Merced Campus karrie.bullock@mccd.edu
(209) 386-6703
Lindsay Davis Instruction Lead Merced Campus  lindsay.davis@mccd.edu 
(209) 384-6086
Nancy Golz Instruction, Reference Los Banos Campus nancy.golz@mccd.edu
Adair Ryan Reference Merced Campus  ryan.a@mccd.edu
(209) 384-6320
Leigh-Ann Thornhill Exam Center Merced Campus  leigh-ann.thornhill@mccd.edu
(209) 384-6320

Library Staff

Name Position Location Email/Phone
Nicole Dal Porto
Library Systems Specialist
Merced Campus
Jennifer Altenberg

Circulation Supervisor
Library Media Technician 

Merced Campus

(209) 384-6081
Denise Runner Library Media Technician Merced Campus denise.runner@mccd.edu
(209) 384-6088       
Cindy Hubbard Library Media Technician Merced Campus hubbard.c@mccd.edu
(209) 384-6085
Hannah Redd-Hallman
Library  Media Technician
Merced Campus
(209) 381-6576
Travis Walsh Library Media Technician Merced Campus  travis.walsh@mccd.edu 
(209) 384-6258
Melinda Cornwell Library Media Clerk  Merced Campus cornwell.m@mccd.edu
(209) 381-6575 
Melody Ortega Library Media Technician Merced Campus ortega.m@mccd.edu
(209) 384-6148
Michael Camara Library Media Technician Merced Campus michael.camara@mccd.edu
(209) 386-6700
Alejandro Arellano

Library Media Technician

Los Banos Campus

(209) 381-6427
Tiffiny Tevis Library Media Technician Los Banos Campus tiffiny.tevis@mccd.edu
(209) 381-6427

Distance Education Staff & Faculty

Name Position Email/Phone
Jon Stocker Educational Media Specialist jon.stocker@mccd.edu
(209) 384-6181
Pamela Huntington Distance Education Coordinator pamela.huntington@mccd.edu
(209) 381-6500

Audio Visual Staff

Name Position Email/Phone
AV Helpdesk AV Helpdesk AVHelp@mccd.edu
(209) 384-6144
Manuel Costa Educational Media Technician/Multimedia-Title V costa.m@mccd.edu
(209) 386-6670
Linje Johnson Educational Media Specialist linje.johnson@mccd.edu
(209) 386-6708