Over & Above Services

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is a state and college funded program designed to increase college enrollment for those individuals who have previously not considered college as an option.  EOPS strives to alleviate the educational barriers that preclude many low-income students from college attendance. 

EOPS provides services, "over and above" to those offered by the college, to enhance the educational success of program participants, beginning with an outreach program that stresses that college is for everyone with a dream, and that success can be a reality for those with a plan.  EOPS also provides books assistance, application assistance, counseling, tutorial, peer assistance, and grants for students who follow the terms of their mutual responsibility contract. 

As students progress through their programs, EOPS will assist as they search for employment or prepare for transfer by helping with job searches, or CSU and UC fee waivers.  Simply put, EOPS helps eligible students enroll, stay in college, and succeed. 

Description of Services

Academic and Personal Counseling

The EOPS Counseling Staff is available to discuss with you the array of academic programs offered at Merced College and how they may fit with your area of interest. Each EOPS student is provided with:

  • A comprehensive, individualized educational plan, which outlines the courses needed to complete either a certificate, associate degree (AA / AS), or transfer program to a four-year college or university.
  • Placement Questionnaire Evaluation
  • Assistance with Course Placement
  • Registration Counseling
  • Academic Counseling
  • Degree Audits and Graduation Planning
  • Academic & Progress Probation Counseling
  • Referrals to On and Off Campus Services

EOPS Counseling Appointments
Student who arrive late may or may not be seen, depending on the counselor's schedule.  Please call as soon as possible if you will be late.  Late arrivals that are 10 minutes or later will automatically be marked as a "NO-SHOW."


See CARE Webpage for information

Enrollment Assistance

EOPS is designed to assist students who are low income, and educationally disadvantaged.  In many cases it is necessary for EOPS to help students develop a desire to participate in post-secondary educational activities, and make them aware that they have the potential to succeed in college. The EOPS Counselors are available to provide each student with individualized enrollment assistance.  Each student will take a placement test, complete a college application, and have a counselor complete an educational assessment.  The selection of an educational goal, the development of an educational plan that not only outlines the courses you are to take, but the sequence in which you are to take them, and a program completion date are standard outcomes you should expect. 

Financial Assistance with Textbooks

Book Service

EOPS students are provided with assistance in purchasing textbooks each semester, if the student is not eligible to receive book assistance from another source.  Students who have followed their EOPS contract will receive assistance with their books. Students who are not in good EOPS standing will receive less in book assistance.  Book assistance is provided based on the availability of funds.

Text Book Lending Library

EOPS has a limited number of textbooks to lend to EOPS students.  Many of these books have been donated by EOPS students and can be checked-out to EOPS students .  Books are checked out on a First Come, First Served basis.

EOPS Grants

Some EOPS students who have an unmet financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid Office, may receive a cash grant from EOPS when funds are available.  Students must meet SAP requirements and be EOPS Group 1 status.

EOPS Grants:

  • Are included in the second scheduled Financial Aid Disbursement for the Spring semester.
  • Students eligible to receive an EOPS grant are those in good standing that have complied with the EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract. 
  • Will be counted as part of the student's UNMeet Need
  • The EOPS Grant does not require repayment.

Priority Registration

EOPS students are provided with Group 1 priority registration, which gives them an opportunity to register early for the following semester. This allows EOPS students to have a better chance of getting the classes they need.  Students are responsible for satisfactory academic progress in order to maintain their priority registration.  

Transfer Assistance

Counselors encourage students to continue their education and transfer to a four-year college or university.  EOPS assist students with the application process, issue admission fee waivers to those schools that accept them, and advise students to participate in the transfer assistance programs that are offered by some schools.  The EOPS educational plan is designed to expedite the transfer process.