Prep2Test: A Merced College Student Success Program

Students at Assessment
Incoming MC students get ready to take an assessment test.

Prep2Test is designed to improve student placement test scores in English and Math. This award-winning program has had a tremendous positive effect on student placement test scores at Santa Monica College. Merced College is thankful to Dr. Tovar and Santa Monica City College for allowing us to use this resource to improve student assessment test placement.

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Prep2Test is brought to you by:

  • Tomasia Drummond, Director of Student Success
  • Lacey Chavez, Administrative Assistant
  • Vince Piro, Interim Dean of English, Child Development and Basic Skills
  • Dr. Doug Kain, Dean of Math, Science, and Engineering
  • Stephan Meidinger, Math Professor
  • Mai Meidinger, Math Professor
  • Pamela Huntington, English Professor
  • Keri Ortiz, English Professor