General Information

Pricing, ordering overview and frequently asked questions available on the transcript ordering page.

Transcripts are a complete record of all coursework completed for college credit and degrees completed at Merced College.  Transcripts do not include coursework completed at other institutions. 

All outstanding student fees must be paid prior to the release of Official Transcripts, per Merced College Board Policy 5035.  

Official Transcripts cost $5.00 per copy requested.  The ‘Transcripts Fee’ for the first two copies ever requested, in a lifetime, will be waived.  To find out if you have a hold on your record, please contact the Student Fees Office during their regular office hours.

Documents are sometimes required by other institutions (e.g. NursingCAS, NAIA Eligibility Center, PharmCAS, etc.) to be sent as an attachment with your official transcripts.  If you have an attachment to be sent with your transcripts, please follow the instructions provided by Transcripts Plus.

Processing Time

  1. Regular Processing:  Requires 5-10 working days from the date in which your request is received before your order is filled. 
  2. Priority Processing: We offer an expedited Priority Processing Fee of $10.00 to place a rush on your request.  Priority orders received within the regular business hours of 8:00am-12:00pm will be available for pick up, or to be sent out general mail or electronically via Scrip-Safe by 12:00pm the following business day.
  3. Fed-Ex Air Mail: For an additional $23.00 fee, your order can be shipped via Domestic Federal Express.  Orders that are authorized and approved and are ready for mailing by 1:00PM PST will ship the same day.  Orders authorized and approved and ready for mailing after 1:00PM PST will be shipped the next business day.

Additional Services

On Hold. A request for official transcripts may be placed on hold for final semester grades to be posted or for a degree to be posted prior to your records being sent out.  Please check the appropriate box for the semester you are requesting your grades/degree to be held for in the space provided on the order form.    Requests made for pending grades or degrees can only be made after April 1st for the Spring term, after July 1st for the Summer term, and after November 1st for the Fall term. 

GE Reciprocity Certification can be sent to Modesto Junior College, Columbia College, and San Joaquin Delta College only.  The form indicates to the receiving institution which Associate Degree breadth requirements and competencies have been met, if any, at Merced College or an affiliated institution listed above. 

CSU-GE-Breadth Certification can be sent to a school in the California State University System (CSU’s in California only).  The form communicates which general education breadth requirements have been met, if any, to the receiving educational institution.

IGETC Certification, or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum, can be sent to a school in the University of California system.  Completion of the IGETC permits a student to transfer from Merced College to a campus in the UC system without the need to take additional, lower division, general education courses to satisfy the campus’ GE requirements.

For information on which certification should be sent with your transcripts, if any, please consult with your guidance counselor.