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Admissions & Records Forms:

Document Description
Authorization to Release Student Information Form provides student's explicit written consent to release information from a student's record to a third party (e.g. parent, spouse, etc.)
General Petition Form for petition categories such as: late request for graduation, drop without "W", late request for Pass/No Pass, refund, and other.

Loss of Enrollment Priority and California College Promise Grant Waiver Form to appeal loss of priority registration and CCPG waiver due to extenuating circumstances.
Address Change Form to request a change of address.
Pass/No Pass Change Form to remove Pass / No Pass and post instead your letter grade.
Schedule Request Form Form to request class registration/adds, class drops or Pass / No Pass.
College Application Paper application for admission to Merced College
K-12 Permit Permit for special K-12 students to attend Merced College.  Each class will need its own permit and must be submitted with a Schedule Request Form.
Audit Form Form used if a student does not want to take a class for credit/grade and would rather sit in the class
Repeat a Course Petition Form to repeat a course once the number of allowable repeats has been exhausted
Academic Renewal Petition Petition allows up to 24 units of "D" or "F" grades to be disregarded in the computation of the GPA for classes that students do not wish to repeat
Information Update Form Form to update major and/or birthdate
Overlapping Enrollment Form Form to enroll in two classes with an overlap.  Overlapping enrollment is not available after the second week of instruction of the overlapping class.
Request Pass/No Pass To request a course be put on Pass/No Pass:  List class in the bottom right box of the Schedule Request Form and submit that signed form to
Late Term Withdrawal Petition Petition to withdrawal from a class after the 14th week of the semester or 75% of the course, whichever is less, due to extenuating circumstances.  
EW for COVID for 2020 Fall This excused withdrawal request is specifically for classes taken in fall 2020, which were dropped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Excused Withdrawal Petition This form is used to request academic excused withdrawal from a course due to a specific event reasonably beyond the control of the student that caused the student to be unable to continue to attend classes or comlete the semester/term.  Documentation is required.  Example: Medical emergency, incarceration, displacement due to fire.