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Degree: Administration of Justice (AS-T)
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Program Description

The Merced College Relaunch Program in Administration of Justice provides students with the opportunity to complete all degree requirements fully online in just 17 months. Thus, allowing you to take the next step toward advancing your career and educational goals. The short term courses allow you to continue in the workforce while fufilling your educational goals.

 The Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T) degree in Administration of Justice is designed to prepare students to transfer into the CSU system with junior status on their way to a baccalaureate degree. 

Program Outline

Relaunch programs are designed to be completed as a cohort, with students moving through their program from start to finish as a group, working to attain the same degree. We have mapped out the full sequence of courses to be taken over a 17-month period, so you know exactly what you need to reach your educational goals. All classes are taken within the 18 week semester.  Here is what your Fall 2022 schedule will look like.

Course Map

Fall 2022 - 18 Week Semester
6 Week Session 1 6 Week Session 2 6 Week Session 3
GUID 30-3u COMM 01-3u MATH 10 OR PSYC 05-3u
6 Week Session 1 12 Week Session 2-3
CRIM 02-3u PLSC 10-3u
18 Week Session 1-3
KINE 35-2u


Relaunch Administration of Justice Program Faculty

David Noblett

Public Safety Faculty

View the complete list of our Relaunch faculty in the Relaunch program.


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