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Yes. While we appreciate all of the hard work and effort everyone has put into converting their classes to online instruction over the last ten months (since March 2020), this was only the beginning of the Canvas training journey. Since that time, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between MCCD and MCFA approved by the Board of Trustees on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, requires the completion of Growing With Canvas (at a minimum) to teach online/hybrid in the spring. If you have met one of the other four requirements to teach online, please confirm with your Dean of Instruction (if you haven’t already!) that you are approved to teach online in the spring. The appropriate Dean of Instruction can verify if an instructor is certified to teach online/hybrid.

Yes. It’s easy! Instructors can find an informational page on the Online Superhighway, which can be found on the Canvas dashboard. By going to the Syllabus Template, instructors will find both design templates and a tutorial video regarding how to embed their syllabus into Canvas. Instructors are encouraged to follow the directions carefully or ask for assistance from the Canvas help team at

Utilizing the syllabus template ensures that the document meets ADA standards for accessibility. If faculty choose to upload their own syllabus document (either Word or PDF), it must be ADA compliant. Instructors are strongly encouraged to use the syllabus template and can work with the Canvas help team ( for additional assistance.

In addition, there is a new syllabus submission process to make submitting syllabi easier! Instructors will receive detailed instructions from their Dean of Instruction on how to submit course syllabi through Canvas. Faculty Support Coaches are available to help with any uploading syllabi or course building needs. Go to the Online SuperHighway on your dashboard and click on Faculty Support Coaches. is always available for support and assistance.

Students are populated as of today (Friday, January 8) into your Canvas course shells for all courses starting January 11th. And, if not, please contact Canvas Help at This will enable instructors to send a “Welcome Letter” to students through Canvas. Please remember: instructors cannot require students to submit any work before the start date of the class. This includes reading emails, the syllabus, or other course material or assignments. However, sending a Welcome Letter or other friendly introductions is a best practice to initiate communication with students.

All Canvas course shells with a start date of January 11, 2021 will automatically be published first thing Monday (or the first day of the course, for non‐traditional sections) at 12:01 am. Instructors are responsible for publishing the course content that will be visible for student access. Instructors are encouraged to verify that the course information accessed through Canvas is visible to students. For questions or additional information, please contact the Canvas Support Team at or call (209) 384‐6258.

Yes, soon! Padlet is a software tool that helps support “regular and effective contact” by creating visual/digital “post‐it note” activities in your Canvas course modules. Dean Karissa Morehouse and her team are working as quickly as possible implement this software product. The goal is to have Padlet up and running in your Canvas account by the second week of the spring semester. Attached is a PowerPoint that may be helpful and provide additional information. Look for an update about Padlet soon!

Yes and No. If you are an instructor teaching a face-to-face lab in the spring, work with your Dean of Instruction to review the protocols for being on campus, including your classroom, lab, and office. While we are under the current Stay-at-Home Order issued by Governor Newsom in December, we will continue to minimize the number of individuals on site at our various facilities. We have heard your concerns related to office access and coming onto campus. Once the Stay-at-Home order is relaxed and instructors are able to return to campus, the Office of Instruction will communicate the appropriate protocols and processes necessary to return to campus and your offices.

As in the fall, there will not be parking enforcement for the spring term. The Office of Administrative Services will not be issuing new Staff parking permits for the spring and requests that staff continue to use their existing parking passes until further notice. Student parking passes will not be sold for the spring term.

The Area Meetings are as follows:

The other Area Meeting dates for the spring are March 12th and May 14th.

Instructors should contact their Dean of Instruction to request technology resources (like a computer or camera), office supplies, or other items to work effectively from home. Attached is the Request for Permission to Remove District Property form for items to be removed from your office (computer, office chair, etc.). These requests should be routed to your Dean of Instruction as soon as possible! We have continued to listen to your concerns related to materials and resources needed to do your jobs effectively from a remote location. As we evolve and grow in this current environment, please continue to advocate to your Dean of Instruction regarding necessary supplies, technology resources, or other items. Please work with your Dean in addressing any needs you may have—we get it and want you to feel supported and well-equipped to instruct from your remote location.

Yes. Merced College is working closely with the Merced County Department of Public Health to identify and establish all necessary protocols. Faculty teaching on campus must follow all appropriate requirements to teach face-to-face classes such as social distancing, facemasks, and a seating chart for all classes/labs. More specifics about these requirements are shared during the Face-to-Face Information sessions. Please see the appropriate Dean of Instruction for additional information.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between MCCD and MCFA includes the Faculty Protocol Sign-Off Form and the Student Protocol Sign-Off Form (both forms are attached). Both faculty and students are required to read, review, and sign these documents before teaching or taking a face-to-face class(es).

Yes. There will be several Health & Wellness Stations at the Merced College campus and the Business Resource Center. These stations will be staffed by students, and the schedule is provided below. The Wellness Stations will provide face coverings, hand sanitizer, and the COVID-19 Self-Assessment questionnaire. Los Banos also has the necessary supplies for the very limited face-to-face offerings at that location.

Merced College Wellness Stations will be located outside of the following buildings during the following days and times:

  • AG/IT Building: Monday through Thursday, 8 am – 5 pm
  • SCI Building: Monday through Thursday, 8 am – 5 pm

The Business Resource Center Wellness Stations will available Monday through Thursday, 8 am – 4 pm.

Most items will be located in the classroom. However, instructors should contact their appropriate Dean of Instruction for supplies to be used on a regular basis such as face masks and/or face shields. Each classroom will have disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, wall sanitizing stations, and other supplies for faculty and students to use to clean their work/desk area, supplies, pens, computer, etc. Please see your Dean of Instruction with any questions

Yes. All face-to-face laboratory classes will begin as scheduled on Monday, January 11, 2021. However, the majority of our classes (around 85%) will be offered online or remotely. The Deans of Instruction are working closely with faculty teaching face-to-face labs/classes regarding all necessary protocols and processes. There is an additional informational session on Friday, January 22, at 4 pm for faculty teaching late-start faceto-face classes starting later in the semester.

Yes. All office hours will continue to be online for the spring semester until further notice. While other technology support tools can be used during a ConferZoom online office hour (like Pronto), online office hours are to be held via ConferZoom while we are in an online instructional environment. Requiring ConferZoom office hours ensures that, as a college, we are meeting the distance education requirements of regular and effective contact as well as providing opportunities for students to engage and communicate with faculty. Changes to office hours must be approved by the appropriate Dean of Instruction.

While the days and times of faculty office hours should match the current load sheets for Spring 2021, recent schedule changes may have impacted an instructor’s load sheet. Full- time instructors should work with their Dean of Instruction if this is the case. Please see your Dean of Instruction if you have any questions.

Yes. Instructors can use the direct link in Canvas and can find a ConferZoom tutorial in the Online Superhighway under the Zoom and Zoom Meetings tab (see office of instruction update from January 8, question 15). For questions or additional information, please contact the Canvas Support Team at or call (209) 384-6258.


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