Butch Hughes Clubhouse Fund

Butch Hughes

Lasting Legacy

Coach Butch Hughes was an extraordinarily successful and integral part of Merced College baseball.  He not only had an exemplary record coaching, but built strong, lasting relationships with his players.  He was a champion for baseball at the college and in the local community.  His impact on Merced College baseball is immense and leaves a lasting legacy.

 Coach Butch Hughes overall achievement record during his coaching and teaching tenure from 1971-1981 is bulleted below:

  • Overall record of 302 wins and 72 losses which is an 86% winning record
  • 1973, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 and 1980 State Champions
  • 7 Conference Championships
  • 4 7 All Conference players
  • 7 All-American players
  • 20 players who signed professional contracts
  • Many players who went on to play collegiately
  • From the 1973 and 197 4 teams - 4 players played at the University of Hawaii, one at Cal Poly Pomona, one at Fresno State, one at San Francisco State,     one at UCLA, 3 at Idaho State, and 3 signed professional contracts.

Thank you

Your contribution to the Butch Hughes Clubhouse Fund is appreciated. It is our hope that, with enough support from generous donors like you, generations of Merced College athletes will benefit.