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Description of Professional Development Workshops

The Educational Technology Training Center

New educational technology training center Come on down! Drop-in's, walk-in's, all welcome to chat Canvas and Online Teaching.
Audio and video recording and editing
Green screen studio
Screencast recording
Educational technology ideas, tools and tips
Large and small training rooms for up to twenty participants with individual workstations and projection

Working on computer

Come explore the zone of possibility! 

Make an appointment or just walk in.
Jon Stocker, Ed. Tech. Specialist:  or call (209) 384-6181
Omar Amavizca, ETTC Director:  or call (209) 384-6145


Self-Paced Training

 Ask to be enrolled in one of our free, online Canvas courses:

Kung Fu Canvas
Growing with Canvas

Stuck?  Got questions? 
Prompt replies email & phone x6181


The Canvas Instructor Getting Started Guide

Canvas Community Trainings

Canvas Webinar Archive

 @ONE The @ONE Project: Free & low-cost webinars, online courses, and trainings for all California Community College faculty and staff.



CANVAS is mobile!

  • speed grader
  • Instructure SpeedGraderâ„¢ allows faculty to use their iPad to grade papers and assignments with ease.
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  • The CANVAS IOS App. Your CANVAS content goes everywhere with you on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
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  • The CANVAS App for Android. Your CANVAS content goes everywhere with you on your Android device.