Embedded Peer Mentoring

Embedded Peer Mentors (EPMs) have the following characteristics:

  • They are slightly more advanced students than the students they mentor
  • They are well trained educators and student leaders
  • They spend several hours each week in the course(s) they're mentoring, acting as model students and promoting learning in small group settings.
  • They spend several hours each week in the ILC providing mentor services to both students from their assigned course(s) and students who walk into the center for help.

How Do I Get an Embedded Peer Mentor for My Class?

Currently, EPMs are only being offered for English courses. If you are an English instructor, you may contact Melissa Fries (melissa.fries@mccd.edu) or Melissa Rocha (melissa.rocha@mccd.edu) for more information.

If you are not an English instructor, but you believe Embedded Peer Mentoring would be beneficial to your program, contact Dean Vince Piro (piro.v@mccd.edu) to express your support for expanding the EPM program. 

What Kind of Training Do Embedded Peer Mentors Receive?

EPMs receive training in Reading Apprenticeship along with training in best practices in collaborative mentoring. They work in close collaboration with trained faculty. As budding educators, they are committed to professionalism and excellence, supporting Merced College's student population in ways only fellow students can.

They also participate annually in Tutor Expo, an annual conference for Learning Assistance professionals.

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