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Syllabus Blurb

You might want to include the following blurb in your syllabus about the ILC:

The ILC (COMM-2), staffed with both embedded peer mentors and faculty members, can assist readers/writers at any stage of their learning process through individualized feedback and interactive practice in a comfortable setting. Students  can receive help with understanding critically engaging course readings, interpreting assignments,  prewriting, drafting,  revising, and polishing final drafts. Although the staff will not proofread or edit papers for students, they will teach students strategies and techniques for how to edit their own papers, helping students to become better writers. One-to-one tutoring sessions usually last for thirty minutes, and then students can stay and use any of the ILC's resources such as reference books, free laptops,  and blazing fast WiFi. The ILC also offers online learning modules and  free workshops every semester. For more information, including current hours, visit our ILC Website.