Coach JoshuaJoshua Daughdrill
Head Coach


     This is Josh Daughdrill's first year coaching the women's soccer team.  Prior to this position, he coached soccer at the recreational level, both indoor and outdoor, from 2007-2011, and he has coached at the competitive level since 2011.  In addition to his coaching experience, he has completed course work from U.S. Soccer and its Learning Center and continues to work on the coaching licenses offered through U.S. Soccer.


     Coach Josh came to the game later in life.  Having played basketball in high school, he turned to soccer and played both indoor, and outdoor scoeer in what he calls a pirate league.  Simultaneously, he started to watch the English Premier League in Spanish before his obsession convinced him to subscribe to all the soccer channels.

     Daughdrill has been a full-time English teacher since 1998.  He completed his bachelor's degree at Humboldt State University and finished his master's degree at Stanislaus State University.  At Merced College, he teaches developmental and transfer-level English, fucusing on composition, reading, literature, and film.

     Off campus, Mr. Daughdrill and his wife, Marianne, have three children, Julien, Lucca, and Malachy, and too many pets to list.  Coach Josh loves to play and listen to music and consumes all kinds of soccer, both on television, as well as in person.