Goal 1:  Employ enrollment management strategies to support student success, progression, and completion/transfer: 

  • Increasing by at least 5% the number of students annually who acquire associates degrees, credentials , certificates, or specific skill sets that prepare them for an in-demand job. 
  • Increase by 5% the number of students transferring annually to a UC or CSU. 
  • Decreasing the average number of units accumulated by Merced College students earning associate’s degrees, from approximately 88 total until to 79 total units. 
  • Increasing the percent of exiting CTE students who report being employed in their field of study, from the most recent average of 50% percent to an improved rate of 76%. 

Goal 2:  Increase student access and streamline entry processes: 

  • Reducing equity gaps across all of the above measures through faster improvements among traditionally underrepresented student groups, with the goal of cutting achievement gaps by 40% within 5 years.