Statement from Superintendent/President

The Merced College Educational Master Plan (EMP) is one of the most important documents we produce as an institution.  It defines who we are and, more importantly, who we want to be.  It is the roadmap to what educational programs we offer to our community as well as the framework of our future Strategic Plan.

Your voice in this process is vital.  If the development of the EMP is viewed as simply a transactional process, then the document will not accurately reflect the needs of your programs and services.  However, with collaborative input based on data from program reviews, environmental scans of our community, and thoughtful input from each of you, the updated EMP will help shape the future of Merced College.  I encourage everyone to communicate with your constituency representatives on the EMP Task Force and make certain your voice is heard throughout this important process.

Dr. Mike McCandless, Vice President of Student Services, will chair this essential task force along with representation from all constituencies.  To effectively collect the necessary data and produce a meaningful plan, we will engage the professional guidance and leadership of the Collaborative Brain Trust to serve as strategic partners throughout the development of the new EMP for the District.

With the completion of the EMP, we will then use the new master plan as a foundational guiding document to update our Facilities Master Plan and Strategic Plan.  These three master planning documents will lead us into the future and provide the roadmap to new and innovative heights to better serve our community and students.

Thank you in advance for your engagement in this important process.  We have a bright future ahead of us!

Signature of Chris Vitelli

Chris Vitelli, Ed.M.