Data is the seminal element in developing the Educational Master Plan. Both quantitative and qualitative data will serve to frame an objective, collaborative dialogue about new and existing academic and academic support programs and services. These data will include trends in the College’s service area population and employment; enrollment trends and projections; facilities utilization and future space needs; and program reviews of the College’s academic programs and academic support and student services programs and services.

The compilation of data about the College’s programs, services, students, and service region form the Data Portfolio for the College. From this, planning assumptions will be drawn to guide development of the Educational Master Plan. Groundwork for the Data Portfolio is derived from internal and external scanning data, and information from both internal and external stakeholders of the College.

The four sources of data for preparation of the comprehensive Data Portfolio are reflected in the below diagram.Data Sources: Internal Scan, Interal Stakeholders, External Scan, External Stakeholders

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