General Education Program - GELO Shots

To increase awareness of the General Education Program Merced College, two student centered competitions will be held during the 2015-16 school year.

Part 1:  GELO Icons

Students will  be asked to design icons representing the five GE Learning Outcomes

1. Communication,

2. Computation,

3. Cognition,

4. Global and Community Consciousness and Responsibility,

5. Personal Development and Life-Long Learning

ASMC will serve as the judges of the competition, selecting the five winning GELO icon symbols.

The new GELO icons will be included in the college catalog and the schedule of classes to visually indicate the GE courses.  The final entries will need to be approved by Reprographics to make sure the pictures are at the proper resolution for printing purposes.

The winning GELO icons will be included on posters to be displayed around the campus, with information about the General Education Program and the GE Learning Outcomes.

Part 2: GELO Shots

A competition will be held asking students to take "selfies" in front of the GELO posters.  One winner will be chosen for each GELO to be chosen by the ASMC.  A grand prize "GELO Shot" winner will be chosen by the student body.  Prizes to be determined.

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