MC Assessment - Program Review and Outcomes Assessment

At Merced College students are our focus. The assessment process has been developed with the goal of improving teaching and learning through evidence based evaluations of courses and programs.

The Merced College Assessment website provides references and resources to help faculty, staff and the public to participate in the process of probing student success and learning.

These pages allow students, faculty, staff, and the public to view the steps and progress the college is making in increasing institutional effectiveness. This process is a collaborative effort between faculty involved in instruction in the classroom, staff working in student services and in the administration of the college.

Links to each of these areas are provided on the left of this page, along with information about the learning outcome assessment process taking place in courses, programs and at the institutional level.

Resources and Helpful Links

Training Videos                                                                  

2021-23 Instructional Program Review Guidelines and Videos

General Education Program information                                                      

2021-2022 Course SLO assessment information

2020 Instructional Program Review Guidelines and Videos

Guides to eLumen for the 2018-19 cycle                                           

Other information                                                      

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