Pre-Printed Stationary from Print Services

College stationery with the Merced College logo as letterhead has been designed and may be used for all correspondence. Customized stationery for all campus units may be ordered from Print Services.

College stationery with the seal may be used for correspondence internationally, all faculty correspondence, and with academic societies, publishers and for reference letters. The pre-printed stationery may be obtained from Print Services. Electronic (email) versions of the College seal are not permitted. All other correspondence will use College logo stationery with matching envelopes.

Desktop Printing and Electronic Letterhead

In addition to ordering pre-printed customized stationery from Print Services, campus units may use a template for both desktop letterhead printing and electronic (email) letterhead. Customized templates for each campus unit are available from Public Affairs upon request.

The letterhead templates have the logo at the top and a footer with department personalization at the bottom. These fields are unalterable by the user. The letter body area is formatted in Word for ease of typing. These templates allow each campus unit to compose email and print correspondence on desktop or department printers in color using standard copy paper.

Download and Print the Letterhead

Those who choose desktop printing should set their printer properties to the highest color and dpi settings to ensure that quality images are produced.

Request Custom Letterhead

Get in touch to request an electronic letterhead template for your department, program, institute etc.


Envelopes for all campus units may be ordered from Print Services.

Envelope Size – 9.5 x 4.125”


  • Primary College logo (Shown above)
  • Street address
  • College website address

Envelope sample

Business Cards

Business cards for all campus units may be ordered from Print Services.

business card sampleBusiness Card Size – 3.5 x 2”


  • College street address
  • Phone number
  • College website address
  • Twitter handle
  • Facebook handle


  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Department (if applicable)
  • Direct phone number
  • Email address


  • College Logo

Questions About the Logo?

Office of External Relations
Phone: (209) 384-6176