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The following guides are provided by the articulation and counseling department at Merced College to assist students with information about which Merced College courses will enable them to fulfill lower division requirements or prerequisites for a specific major at a four-year university. In addition to the courses listed, students will also need to satisfy transfer admission and general education requirements for the institution they plan to attend.

Not all colleges and universities that offer a given major are shown here. These guides are limited to those schools with which Merced College has specific articulation agreements or has researched the major requirements. It is important to realize that there are many other sources available for transfer information. Students should make an appointment with a counselor to write an educational plan, take advantage of college catalogs and directories in the Transfer Center, research college information on the Web, check ASSIST for the most recent CSU and UC articulation agreements, and contact an advisor at the specific campus they plan to attend.

Articulation agreements or transfer information for selected independent colleges and universities in California, California Community Colleges, and out-of-state institutions may be found at Articulation Agreements. Read more about out-of-state transfer at Out-of-State Transfer.

The information on these documents is subject to change. Please review a current catalog of the campus of your choice or consult with a counselor.

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