Follett Access Textbook Program

Follet Access Textbook Program

Follett Access is a partnership between Merced College and the Merced College Bookstore that allows you to rent or purchase textbooks at a reduced cost. The charge is posted directly to your Merced College Student Fees account and can be paid along with your college charges or using financial aid.

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BryteWave Email Access: Existing or New Users
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Important! If you forget the password to your account, use Forgot Password. Don’t have an account under the email address seen in the body? Go to next step:

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  • 1 What is the Follett Access textbook program?
    Follett Access is a partnership between Merced College and the Merced College Bookstore that allows you to rent or purchase textbooks at a standard cost of $25 per unit. The charge will be posted directly to your Merced College Student Fees account and can be paid along with your college charges or using financial aid.
  • 2 What is the benefit of participating in the program?
    The goal of this program is to improve your success in the classroom and overall here at Merced College. This program helps all students start on day one with all the required materials needed to be successful. Studies show students who don’t have their required course materials on the first day of class may be at a disadvantage. We want all Blue Devils playing on the same field, so we are offering this program to all students.
  • 3 How do I access my textbooks?

    Ebooks will be accessed through Canvas, and physical textbooks can be picked up at the bookstore on the Merced Campus or Los Banos Campus, depending on the location of your classes.

    Important: Keep an eye on your email in the weeks leading up to the start of classes. You will receive email notifications when your books become available, and you may receive emails from multiple senders/publishers.

    You can also download your ebooks directly through the RedShelf BryteWave website. You will receive an email from the Merced College Bookstore in the weeks leading up to the start of your classes. This will contain an activation link with a built-in access code that will log you directly into your account.

    If you need your physical textbooks shipped to you, or if you need physical textbooks that are difficult to find, please contact the Merced College Bookstore at or (209) 384-6280.

  • 4 What will the charge look like on my Merced College bill?
    A charge will appear on your Merced College bill for the Merced College Bookstore – Follett Access program. The charge will appear as EBOOK on your bill. You can pay through the Merced College portal or allow it to be covered by your financial aid disbursement.
  • 5 What happens if I drop a course?
    If you drop a course, the digital ebook access will be removed. If you have already picked up a physical textbook for the class, you will need to return it to the bookstore within three (3) business gdays to avoid being charged for the replacement cost of the book as well as extra non-return fees.
  • 6 Can I opt out of Follett Access?

    Yes. While the vast majority of students will save money through the Follett Access per-unit textbook cost, some students whose classes require inexpensive books may wish to opt out of Follett Access and purchase their books individually.

    All students are opted into Follett Access automatically. You will receive an email from Follett that provides information on how to opt out of the program. You will have to use your email address to log into the portal (opt out directions). Reminder: If you opt out, you are opting out for your entire semester schedule. You cannot opt out and opt in of individual courses.

    The campus Bookstore Website can be a useful tool in determining whether to opt out. The bookstore website can show you how much it will cost to purchase textbooks for your classes; if the cost is lower than the $25 per-unit cost for Follett Access, you may benefit by opting out.

    You can opt out using the Access Portal or by filling out this Questionnaire. If you have any problems with opting out, you may contact the Bookstore at (209) 384-6280 or

  • 7 What if my textbooks are paid for through EOPS or other special programs?

    Students who typically receive book service for textbooks through Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS), including CARE and NextUp, will still receive that service for Follett Access. For students who remain in the Follett Access program, EOPS, CARE and NextUp will sponsor textbook costs up to a certain amount. Students will initially see a charge (EBOOK) on their student account, but the approved book service amount will be applied at a later date by the Student Fees office. If the textbook costs exceed the approved book service amount, then the student will be responsible for paying the remaining balance.

    If a student opts out of Follett Access, they will receive book service directly through the bookstore. A list of these students will be sent to the bookstore, and the book service amount will be added to the students’ EOPS, CARE or NextUp Book Service account to be used at the bookstore. This applies to required textbooks only.

    Follett Access does not affect the process for students’ CalWORKs book service benefits. CalWORKs students will continue receiving cash benefits based on part-time or full-time status.

    If you have questions about paying for textbooks through EOPS, NextUp or CARE, please contact the EOPS Director at (209) 384-6092 or email EOPS Administrative Assistant Himmelda Luna at

  • 8 My classes use Open Educational Resources (OER). Should I participate in Follett Access?
    Everyone needs to review their courses to determine if Follett Access is the best option for them each semester. We recommend you use the Follett Discover tool in Canvas to determine the overall cost of buying or renting your books. OER textbooks are free to students and will affect whether Follett Access is right for you.
  • 9 Who do I contact if I have questions about Follett Access?
    If you have questions, please email or, or call (209) 384-6280.

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