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Merced College Student of the Month

March 2008

Student of the Year 2007-08

Arthur Montejano


History and Political Science

Swim and waterpolo teams, student officer for college clubs
    Future Goals:

Bachelor's Degree in History and Political Science at CSU Fresno
    Nominating Instructor:
Steve Clark, Guidance Counselor and ASMC Advisor




       Arthur Montejano was raised in Dos Palos and attended University of California, Santa Cruz as a freshman.  He chose to be closer to his family and began Merced College in 2006.  His interests are politics, reading, community service, hiking, camping and swimming.  He is an active member and officer in the Students for Social Justice, Associated Students of Merced College and Student Senate for California Community Colleges and the swimming and water polo teams.

Arthur has a 3.67 GPA and holds two jobs with his busy load.  He is an intern with the California Tomorrow and Equity and Diversity Group.  He is well respected by peers as he was voted team captain and received the Hardest Working Award for two seasons with the Blue Devil Water Polo team.  Steve Clark, nominating faculty wrote that Arthur is a model student who puts the needs and welfare of the students before his own. 

His fall plans include transferring to California State University at Fresno to complete his Bachelor's Degree and would like to pursue Law School. 

Arthur was honored at the Board of Trustees meeting and received a check and a special parking pass for the month of March as well as recognition at the May Board meeting for his Student of the Year award. 

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