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Merced College Student of the Month

November 2008

Amy Mauzy


Major:                           Health Science and Foods and Nutrition


Interests:                       volunteering time with various organizations 

Future Goals:                transfer to UC Merced and become a Health Educator

Nominating Instructor:  Michelle Pecchenino, Nutrition Professor 




     Amy Mauzy has been selected as the November Outstanding Student of the Month at Merced College.  Amy states after attending Merced College for several years she "finally found her direction and guidance to succeed".  She is currently preparing to transfer to UC Merced this spring where she will major in human biological science.   Her GPA is 3.2 and has earned As and Bs  in  rigorous courses such as Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Statistics, Physics and several nutrition courses.  Michelle Pecchenino, nominating instructor stated Amy has demonstrated excellent leadership skills in the classroom.  In the Foods and Nutrition Program students are expected to complete a supervised field experience course and while Amy didn't have work experience in the food service area she did not hesitate to work hard to learn how a commercial kitchen functions and step up to meeting and in some cases practice supervising staff. 

     Amy has worked as an umpire for youth and adult softball,  and has helped at voting polls on voting day.  Currently Amy is working for Merced County Office of Education and Merced City Schools as a Substitute Instructional Aide. She is also volunteering her time with Professor Pecchenino to learn about what instructors do to prepare for courses.  She researched and found credible information in Spanish for a bilingual infant and toddler course being offered. She is also assisting with the laboratory preparation of an upcoming Healthy Cuisine for Kids Course being offered by Merced College with Merced City Schools and Local Chef Marshall Bishop. Amy is assisting with grocery purchasing (for 20 recipes and 20 people) and is responsible for organizing work stations.  Amy is detail oriented and takes her responsibilities very seriously.  Her long term goal is teach middle school health and nutrition.  Pecchenino states" Amy will go far in her career and will be an asset to our community for years to come." 

Amy was recognized for her achievements at the November Board of Trustees meeting and will receive a check and special parking pass for the month of November.


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