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Merced College Student of the Month

February 2005

Sarah Gragg


Major:                           Liberal Arts

Interests:                      acting, singing, writing songs, painting

Future Goals:        transfer to American Academy of Dramatic Arts    

Nominating Instructor:  Susan Kline



               When Sarah Gragg graduates from Merced College she hopes to one day be recognized at the Academy Awards.  Sarah Gragg is the February Student of the Month and her background is in singing and acting.  She has been involved with the theater for almost 10 years and plans to graduate this May with an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts.  She would like to attend the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood to further her acting education.  Sarah reports she would like to become famous for her talents and wants to contribute money towards charities for the research of Parkinson's and Breast Cancer. 

     Sarah currently maintains a 3.27 GPA.  Susan Kline, Business and Computer Applications Instructor nominated Sarah and states "she is a very bright lady and pleasure to have in class, her computer and information literacy research paper was superb!"  Sarah enjoys helping in the community as well.  She has been working with the Merced College for Kids Program for the past four summers. " I have taught children the fundamentals of theater and improvisation and really enjoy it."

     Janis Tamberi, Counselor at Disabled Student Services reports that Sarah has been "an excellent employee and definite asset."  Sarah is required to perform a wide variety of duties and has demonstrated extraordinary patience and uncommon ability to motivate and demand performance of herself and others.  Sarah's most recent accomplishments include lead roles in the Playhouse Merced productions of The Taffetas and A Taffeta Christmas.  "She is talented, dedicated and focused" states Curtis Nelson, Music Instructor.  He comments that Sarah has been in voice classes and has shown herself to be diligent and attentive, hard-working and teachable."

     "I am pretty outgoing and love animals and to help people," says Sarah.  Born and raised in Merced she plays guitar, writes songs and also likes to paint.  When she is not rehearsing for a production or studying for classes she enjoys watching movies and hanging out with friends.  Congratulations Sarah and good luck, we will look for you at the Academy Awards!


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