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Merced College Student of the Month

December 2002

Lee Shaw


Major:                            English 

Interests:                       Soccer Coaching

Future Goals:                 Transfer to university in order to obtain a BA in English 
                                        which would allow him to teach at the secondary school 

Nominating Instructors:  Anne Harris, Caroline Dawson, Vince Piro


     Lee Shaw was selected as the outstanding student for the month of December.  Mr. Shaw is a relatively new student at Merced College, yet in the few semesters he has taken classes here, he accumulated an impressive record in classes that are neither considered easy nor entry-level.  Accordingly, his grade point average is excellent and testifies objectively to his strong academic performance.

     His teachers uniformly praise his performance as well as his presence in the classroom.  He is being described as extremely dedicated, reliable, and goal-oriented, with a clear focus on his priority, which is obtaining his degree in a timely manner.  He not only complies 100% with his duties as a student, but is quite intelligent to boot, as his teachers can testify.  Anne Harris, his former math instructor, indicates that "He rarely missed classes and always turned in assignments promptly in addition to getting top scores on all tests." Vince Piro, his current English literature instructor, says, in looking back on Mr. Shaw's previous performance in other English classes, that this semester "Once again, Lee is one of the best students among a group of intelligent and talented peers."  His current math instructor, Caroline Dawson, succinctly summarizes that "He's a joy to have in class."

     Mr. Shaw's future goals include transferring to a university in order to obtain a BA in English which would allow him to teach at the secondary level.  The reason he gives for his career choice bodes well for his chosen path: "I love people and know that teaching is the perfect career for me."

     Outside college, Mr. Shaw is heavily involved in coaching soccer at various schools in Merced County, an avocation that stems from his early days as soccer coach in his native Great Britain.  Still, although he is quite busy pursuing this activity, he states that his main focus remains on his college work. 

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