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Merced College Student of the Month

October 2002

Daniel Kazakos


Major:                            Archaeology 

Interests:                       Reading Classical Greek

Future Goals:                 Transfer to Florida State University to study Classical 
                                        Archaeology with a minor in underwater archaeology

Nominating Instructor:  Ralph Morris


     Daniel Kazakos has been selected as outstanding student for the month of October.  He has been enrolled at Merced College for several years after returning to college having finished a military career, and has proven his academic solidity with a superior grade point average.

     His instructors commend him for his intellectual enthusiasm and curiosity with which he approaches learning.  His positive attitude is said to be a model for other students, and Mr. Kazakos is described as having the courage to stand up for viewpoints even if they are not in vogue among his fellow citizens.

     Aside from his devotion to intellectual matters, Mr. Kazakos has accepted leadership in the ASMC by deciding to serve as Student Secretary.  As one of his instructors, Mr. Ralph Morris, says: "The student community benefits from his life experience, having served in the military and as a re-entry student.  He brings a breadth of life experience needed in student leadership roles on campus."

     Daniel's future plans point to the study of Classical Archaeology at Florida State University with a minor in underwater archaeology.  He eventually intends to obtain his doctorate from a prestigious university that would enable him to research the Minoan Culture in the Aegean Sea.

     He spends his limited spare time by working part-time, furthering his education through reading classical Greek, and archaeological digs.


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