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April 2001

Desiree Mills 

Desiree Mills Major:                                       Psychology                  

Interests:                                  Shopping, German language

Future Goals:                            Counselor

Awards:                                     Outstanding Student in Psychology

Nominating Instructor:             Caroline Kreide


Desiree Mills was selected as outstanding student for the month of April.  Residing in Atwater, Desiree has recently finished her AA degree with the distinction of Outstanding Student in Psychology, and she is now preparing for transfer to CSU Stanislaus by finishing up course work required for transfer.  Needless to say, her grade point average is excellent and testifies objectively to her strong academic performance.

Her teachers describe her as unusually ambitious, diligent, thorough, and goal-oriented.  As an older student and a single mom, Desiree is extremely focused and committed to her classes; her goal is to learn as much as possible without wasting any time.  Teachers are fond of her because she represents the backbone of whatever class to which she has committed herself.  She not only helps to keep the class on track, but she also supports her classmates who are struggling by extending help or inviting them pleasantly to join in the learning process.  Her enthusiasm for learning is contagious and inspires other students around her.

Desiree has managed to excel academically for several semesters before her graduation while fighting with physical problems.  As a disabled student, Desiree has had her share of pain bouts, frequently during class.  The fact that she continued with her education in spite of considerable hardship is indicative of her strong determination to get ahead in life and refuse the limitations her physical condition has tried to impose on her.

Desiree's future goals include obtaining her Master's degree in psychology at CSU Stanislaus, and then going into counseling for those diagnosed with chronic pain conditions or the terminally ill.  The selection committee feels that honoring Desiree with this award would be an appropriate farewell to one of Merced College's outstanding transfer students.

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