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December 2000

Shickola Ricks




Future Goals:


Nominating Instructor:


Women's Basketball

Transfer to Louisiana State University to pursue a dual career in accounting and athleticism

Most Valuable Player in Track and Field for four years in high school

Patricia Schade


Shickola Ricks was selected as the outstanding student for the month of December.  Born in Fresno and now residing in Merced, she just finished her first semester at Merced College and has adjusted quite well to the more demanding college level work.  Shickola has been combining academics and athleticism as a member of the Women's Basketball Team at Merced College in an exemplary manner.  

She is being described as working diligently to become a critical thinker and reader, and is being a wonderful inspiration to other students thanks to her responsible and focused behavior.  Her enthusiasm for learning is contagious and rubs off on her fellow students.

Shickola's future goals include majoring in accounting at Merced College, and eventually transferring to the University of Georgia or Louisiana, where she hopes to pursue a dual career in accounting and athleticism.  We commend Shickola for this happy marriage of sports and academics! 



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