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In order to receive information about applying for the jobs that are listed, you must have a Student Employment Information form and a resume on file in the JOS office. If your name is not in the JOS database, please bring your resume when you come to the office, and you will be given a Student Employment Information form to fill out.  Once you are enrolled, if you are interested in any of the jobs listed below, please come to the Job Opportunity Services Office on the third floor of the Lesher Building and give the “letter and the number of the job" to the Job Opportunity Services Technician. PLEASE, NO PHONE CALLS or EMAILS. 

  •  JOB NO.                           R-31

  •  JOB TITLE                         Cashier - Atwater

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Variable hours, Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              $9 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Must have excellent guest service skills; be able to handle money, refunds and exchanges; be able to learn new technology; be willing to cross train in other areas of the store; quickly scan and bag all items and collect payments.

  •  JOB NO.                           R-30

  •  JOB TITLE                         Hard Lines Merchandiser

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Variable hours, Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              $9 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Must be able to create feature displays and use visual merchandising presentations to drive sales and to maintain ordering for maximum sales potential. Must also have ability to lift and move merchandise 20 - 100 lbs.; be able to bend, lift, stretch and reach; have strong reading verbal and math skills. 

  •  JOB NO.                           R-29

  •  JOB TITLE                         Soft Lines Merchandiser - Atwater

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Variable hours, Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              $9 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Will ensure that promotional programs and ads are maintained, signed and replenished for the event or ad; ensure that items are properly ticketed; support all pricing, signing and display guidelines. Must be able to process and organize in bound freight.  Must have strong reading, writing, verbal and math skills; and have ability to lift and move merchandise weighing 20-100 lbs. Must also be able to understand/follow verbal/written instructions and to repetitively bend, lift, stretch and reach.

  •  JOB NO.                           G-10

  •  JOB TITLE                         Protection Specialist - Atwater

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Variable hours, Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              $9 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Prevent and report theft and fraud.  Will help to maintain a clean, safe store; provide crisis support; respond to safety issues quickly and professionally. Must be at least 18 years old.

  •  JOB NO.                           F-13

  •  JOB TITLE                         Crew Members -  Atwater and Merced

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Variable hours, Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              $9 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Must have excellent customer service skills; enjoy working in a fast-paced and high energy environment; be a team player; learn quickly and not be afraid to ask questions; be able to lift and carry 15 to 25 lbs.

  •  JOB NO.                           G-08

  •  JOB TITLE                         Fitting room Attendant

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Variable hours, Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              $9 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Will maintain clean, great looking fitting rooms.  Deliver excellent guest service.  Provide fast, fun and friendly sales floor support.  Identify and report any safety issues.  Answer guest and team members quickly and efficiently.  Cross train to work in other areas. 

  •  JOB NO.                           G-09

  •  JOB TITLE                          Protection Specialist

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Variable hours, Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              $9 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Interested in law enforcement?  Prevent and report theft and fraud.  Will help to maintain a clean, safe store.  Provide crisis support.  Respond to safety issues quickly and professionally.  Must be at least 18 years old.

  •  JOB NO.                           M-08

  •  JOB TITLE                          In Home Care Giver

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Variable 4 hour shifts, Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              $11 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Give assistance to the elderly in their homes.  Help clients with activities of daily living, such as bathing and bathroom functions, feeding, grooming and taking medications. Job could also include doing some housework. Must have reliable transportation. Must be flexible. 

  • JOB NO.                           O-10

  •  JOB TITLE                          Office Associate

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Variable hours, Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              Not Stated

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Will: be responsible for the processing of daily sales and register detail as needed; provide essential support to the mail and supply function; support operations by assisting in coordinating all Human Resource activities in the store, including hourly recruiting, on boarding, training, payroll processing and recognition programs; assist in conducting new hire orientation and training; and serve as a resource for associates and management and assist in resolving HR issues, as directed.                                                          

  •  JOB NO.                           R-28

  •  JOB TITLE                         Assistant Manager -  Atwater

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Variable hours, Sun - Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              Not Stated

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Must have at least 2 to 4 years retail experience in a supervisory capacity along with the ability to: assist store leader in sales generation; increase business through recruiting and developing store associates; provide exceptional customer service; demonstrate strong organizational skills with the ability to multitask.

  •  JOB NO.                           I-01

  •  JOB TITLE                         Graphic Designer

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Hours can be negotiated.

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              Based on Experience

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Seeking a student with graphic design experience in rendering.  Knowledge of Auto CAD is a plus.  Will design renderings based architectural house drawings and design flyers for real estate sales/marketing.

  •  JOB NO.                          M-07

  •  JOB TITLE                         Clerical

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   4 hours a day - 4 days a week, 16 hours total

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              $9 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS               Must know medical terminology and be able to type 45+ wpm.  will type notes and file charts.

  •  JOB NO.                          G-06

  •  JOB TITLE                         Cable Installer

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Days/hours will vary. Could be weekdays or weekends

  • STATUS                             On call, as needed

  • SALARY                             Up to $200 a day.

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Employer is looking to establish a list of qualified candidates, male or female, to install fiber-optic cable on an on call basis.  Prior to hire, candidates will be required to watch a video on how to lay the cable and to pass a test in regards to the video. 

  •  JOB NO.                          G-05

  •  JOB TITLE                         Customer Service

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Variable hours - Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT  (Seasonal)

  • SALARY                             $9 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Several positions available: Customer Service/Deliveries, Merchandising, Cashier, Office/Store Support, Operations.

  •  JOB NO.                          F-02

  •  JOB TITLE                        Crew Member

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   Variable hours - Sun thru Sat , Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                              PT   

  • SALARY                              Not Stated

  • QUALIFICATIONS              Must have HS diploma or GED; excellent customer service skills; ability to develop positive working relationships; professional appearance and attitude; ability to be cross trained in all areas of the kitchen and line.

  •  JOB NO.                         H-24

  •  JOB TITLE                        After School in Home Tutor

  •  HOURS/DAYS                  Evenings 6:00pm -6:45pm (Mon - Thurs)

  • STATUS                             PT - Seasonal

  • SALARY                             $10 hr.

  • QUALIFICATIONS             After school tutor for 6 year old boy with ADD and issues with speech.  Must be enrolled or graduated from Child Development program.  Experience with similar work (pre K to 3rd grade) is preferred.

  •  JOB NO.                         H-23

  •  JOB TITLE                        Outreach and Communications Coordinator   

  •  HOURS/DAYS                  Days

  • STATUS                             Half-Time - Perm

  • SALARY                             $15,000 to $18,000

  • QUALIFICATIONS             Core Competencies: Excellent verbal communication and writing skills.  Must be a team player and innovative.  Required: AA degree or equivalent experience in customer service or communications related field. Preferred: Experience working with community based organizations. Experience designing communication strategies and outreach materials utilizing traditional methods (community radio, TV, newspapers) and new web-based social media technologies. Ability to work with a variety of organizations and people.  Highly organized with excellent attention to detail. Must have valid driver's license, car insurance and reliable transportation.

  •  JOB NO.                         R-24

  •  JOB TITLE                        Customer Service Rep - Merced    

  •  HOURS/DAYS                  Variable, Sunday through Saturday, Days, Evenings and Weekends (Holidays)

  • STATUS                             PT

  • SALARY                            $9 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS             Previous work experience in retail, restaurant, grocery or drug store environment is preferred.  Must have ability to lift up to 55 lbs from floor level to above shoulder height. Must also be able to meet demands of frequent walking, standing, stooping, kneeling, pushing, pulling, and repetitive lifting, without reasonable accommodation.

  •  JOB NO.                     M-05

  •  JOB TITLE                    Registered Nurse

  •  HOURS/DAYS              Var. hrs., Sun thru Sat, Days, Eves, Wknds

  • STATUS                         FT

  • SALARY                        DOE

  • QUALIFICATIONS        Required skills: current, active license to practice as a registered nurse in California; current CPR; ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action; and the ability to demonstrate clinical assessment skills at the level necessary to meet job requirements; basic computer technology. Will be responsible for the independent supervision of the delivery of care to assigned residents, which includes assessing resident and the resident's needs, developing care plans, administering nursing care, evaluating nursing care and supervising CNA's and other personnel in the delivery of care.

  •  JOB NO.                        H-11

  •  JOB TITLE                       After School Program Assistant

  •  HOURS/DAYS                 Mon thru Fri, 1:00pm to 6:30pm

  • STATUS                            PT  

  • SALARY                           $11.25 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS            Positions available at various school sites throughout Merced County. Must have completed 48 college units or have an NCLB Certificate. (NCLB exam will be available to those who meet minimum requirements, but do not have 48 units.) Must also have over one year of paid or volunteer experience performing similar work with school-age children, i.e.. instructional aide, teacher assistant, baby sitting, child care.

  •  JOB NO.                        M-04

  •  JOB TITLE                       Care Givers (2 - Chowchilla and 3-Merced)

  •  HOURS/DAYS                 Days, Evenings and Weekends

  • STATUS                            PT and FT  

  • SALARY                            $10 hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS             CNA license preferred but not required if candidate has relevant experience.  DMV printout, CPR card and TB testing is required at the applicant's expense.  Employer will provide and cover the expense of the background check and drug testing. 

  •  JOB NO.                           M-01

  •  JOB TITLE                          Licensed Vocational Nurse

  •  Hours/Day                         Overnight

  • STATUS                               FT

  • SALARY                               $18hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS                Immediate opening for a Licensed Vocational Nurse to provide home health services to a client currently attending/residing at UC Merced. Must have: a current LVN license in the State of California; a minimum of one year, full-time, experience as a home health LVN; current CPR/First Aid certification; proof of legal authorization to work in the US; ability to comply accepted professional standards and practice;  good verbal and written communication; demonstrated organizational skills.

  •  JOB NO.                           H-05  

  •  JOB TITLE                          Volunteer Leader - Afterschool Program

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Mon  - Fri, 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm 

  • STATUS                               PT

  • SALARY                              Volunteer

  • QUALIFICATIONS                Volunteer leaders will help tutor, mentor children and interact with youth in various activities.  Come share your gifts and talents at the Meadows community Center with Lifeline CDC. Great professional reference and work experience.  Earn college units for volunteering!

  •  JOB NO.                           O-05   

  •  JOB TITLE                          Teller - Merced

  •  HOURS/DAYS                    Mon  - Sat   

  • STATUS                               PT

  • SALARY                               Not Stated

  • QUALIFICATIONS                Must have previous cash handling experience; basic math skills; superior customer service skills; sales experience; 10-key and computer experience (Microsoft and Excel).

  •  JOB NO.                       H-03          

  •  JOB TITLE                      Resident Service Advisor

  •  HOURS/DAYS                Mon/Wed/Fri or  Tues/Thurs

  • STATUS                          PT  

  • SALARY                           $10hr

  • QUALIFICATIONS            Will provide instructional classes throughout Northern California to residents residing in Affordable Housing Units.  Must be flexible and willing to travel.  Sites are located from Bakersfield to Mount Shasta.  Company car will be provided for traveling to sites. Must have a good driving record.

  •  JOB NO.                          H-02 

  •  JOB TITLE                        Driver/Personal Assistant

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   10 hrs. wk, Mon-Fri and occasionally on Sat.

  • STATUS                              PT

  • SALARY                              $9.47 hr +mileage

  •  QUALIFICATIONS              Active  college student with a developmental disability is seeking to hire an  assistant to provide transportation and assistance with his Disc Jockey business.  Applicants must: be 18 years old or older; have a car, a current California Driver’s License, a clean driving record and car insurance; be able to pass a background clearance; and be able to secure CPR and First Aid cards, within 90 days of hire. The assistant will provide transportation to and from dances and other venues and  provide support by assisting with advertising, setting up and taking down equipment, generating a list for the different venues, updating songs on lists and making visuals.  Assistant must be able to help with navigating computer programs, improving social media skills, and helping to trouble shoot computer problems. Assistant must also be available to provide transportation on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, specifically, between 9:30am and 10:45am. The remaining hours will be arranged, as needed. 

  •  JOB NO.                            S-02

  •  JOB TITLE                          Field Sales Associate

  •  HOURS/DAYS                   12-28 hrs. wk.

  • STATUS                               PT

  • SALARY                              $10.00 - 12 hr., + competitive commission.

  •  QUALIFICATIONS              Canvass neighborhoods and set up appointments for sales people.  Must: have reliable transportation, a valid driver's license and insurance; be comfortable working with an I Pad ( supplied by company); have the physical ability to walk/stand 4 to 8 hrs. while working; be comfortable approaching strangers and having conversations face to face; be excited about solar; be able to learn and memorize a script quickly and deliver with enthusiasm;  have the ability to ask questions about a homeowner's electricity usage and rates, age and composition of roofs; and be able to assess if a homeowner is able to take advantage of financing.  Must also be well-groomed and presentable with a friendly personality.

  •  JOB NO.                             M-06

  •  JOB TITLE                            Caregiver - Atwater

  •  HOURS/DAYS                      Variable hours, Mon - Sun, Days, Evenings and Weekends

  • STATUS                                 PT

  • SALARY                                 Not Stated

  •  QUALIFICATIONS                Must be over 18.  Must have an active Driver's License and vehicle. No criminal record. CNA or MA preferred, but not required. Employer will do drug testing and conduct background screening.

  •  JOB NO.                             H-20

  •  JOB TITLE                           Tutor - After School Program Assistant

  •  HOURS/DAYS                     2:00 - 6:00pm, Mon through Fri and  some Saturdays

  • STATUS                                PT/Seasonal    

  • SALARY                                $10.00 HR.

  •  QUALIFICATIONS                Must be a college student enrolled in 6+ units; have a cumulative GPA of 2.6; have completed 48 college units; have availability within program hours.

  • JOB NO.                                 M-02  

  • JOB TITLE                              Care Giver 

  • HOURS/DAYS                        Mon thru Sun

  • STATUS                                  Variable PT hours, as well as FT hours

  • SALARY                                  $8.25 hr

  •  QUALIFICATIONS  Prior experience as a care giver is preferred.  CNA license is a plus.  Requires a background check, finger printing, California driver's license and proof of insurance.  In home positions, as well as residential care facility positions available.

  • JOB NO.                  H-04                

  • JOB TITLE               After School  K-12 Mentor

  • HOURS/DAYS         At least 8 hrs a week, between 3pm & 7pm

  • STATUS                   Seasonal   

  • SALARY                  Volunteer - Earn 2 units of college credits a semester, for up to 4 semesters.

  • QUALIFICATIONS    Apply your education to real-world experiences by mentoring youth in elementary through high school.  Tutor in reading and math, assist in implementing programs by planning and prepping activities and gain leadership & mentoring skills by working with youth.

  • JOB NO.            F-03              

  • JOB TITLE          Mid-shift Crew Members  - Merced and Atwater

  • HOURS/DAYS    11:00am - 7:00pm and 1:00pm -9:00pm

  • STATUS              PT

  • SALARY              Not Stated

  • QUALIFICATIONS   Must be 16 or older.  Looking for friendly people who can deliver excellent customer service with a smile.  Must possess a food Handler's Card.

  • JOB NO.               H-08

  • JOB TITLE            Tutor - Spanish speaking

  • HOURS/DAYS      20 per week.  Must be available for a minimum of 10 hours between 8:00am and 2:00pm.

  • STATUS                Seasonal

  • SALARY                $8.75

  • QUALIFICATIONS  Must be: majoring in Liberal Studies, or related school careers in the area of psychology or counseling; bilingual (Spanish & English); holding 2.3 GPA, or better; a full time student (at least 12 units); familiar with the migrant lifestyle preferred; take a basic skills exam if under 48 college units; and be eligible for financial aid.