In order to stay in the United States as a full time student, you are required to have a student visa (F-1). After you send us the following forms, we may issue the I-20 form which you will take or mail to the American Embassy in your country in order to obtain your F-1 visa.

Required Before I-20 Form

  1. Application Form
  2. Application Fee (non-refundable)
    • $200

  3. Home Stay Application Form (optional)
  4. Home Stay Application Fee
    • (optional, non-refundable)
  5. Transportation Application Form (optional)
  6. Financial Guarantee - Bank Statement
    • The name of the account holder must match the name of the person responsible for tuition & living expenses of the student while in the U.S.. A recent Statement must show the amount of $17,000.00 or more in U.S. dollars (issued within the past year).
  7. Two Photographs
    • Passport size
  8. Merced College Health Examination Report
    • Due to the recent increase of epidemics in U.S., applicants are required to submit a Health Examination Report. Please take the health form to a clinic, and have your doctor complete the form after the examination.
    • Print Heath Examination Form

  9. Proof of Medical Insurance

    Students applying for MCELI must be covered by a medical insurance policy. This is to protect them in case of an emergency in a country with high medical costs.

Processing period for the I-20 form is approximately one week.