1) Complete Your Financial Aid Application at www.fafsa.gov

STEP 1: Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the federal government online at www.fafsa.gov.

  • Be sure to list the Merced College school code, 001237, on your FAFSA. Before filling out your FAFSA create an FSA (Federal Student Aid) ID for yourself at www.StudentAid.gov or www.FAFSA.gov , which will consist of a Username and Password.   You will use your FSA ID to sign your online FAFSA.   If you must provide parental information, your parent will be required to create an FSA ID as well.   If your parent is married, only one parent is required to have an FSA ID. You do not need to create a new FSA ID every year.   If your parent does not have a Social Security number, you may print out a signature page from your FAFSA and mail it in.
  • The federal government analyzes and summarizes the information you provide on the FAFSA and creates your Student Aid Report  or SAR. You will receive your SAR via email if you provided an email address or at your physical address if you did not indicate an email address.
  • Please see the Merced College Financial Aid Handbook.

STEP 2: Come into the Merced College Financial Aid Office 1 to 3 weeks after you submit your FAFSA.

  • If you have received your letter from the Merced College Financial Aid Department, bring it with you. When you take your letter to the Financial Aid counter, go to Line 1 where you will be given our school's financial aid paperwork (Supplemental Form, Terms of Agreement, Verification Worksheet, etc.) as well as a list of documents you need to bring in when you return to the Financial Aid Office. In order to serve you quickly, please bring the letter you receive from the Merced College Financial Aid Department.

STEP 3: Return to the Financial Aid Counter with all required documents and completed paperwork.

  • Go to Line 2 where you will speak with an advisor and turn in all financial aid documentation. You should complete this entire financial aid process as soon as possible after you submit your admission application to Merced College. (We usually start accepting students' financial aid information for Fall as early as the previous March.) Do not wait until school starts or you enroll in classes because you may not receive your financial aid at the start of the semester.)

Drug Law Violations:

  • If you have a conviction for a drug offense (you were found guilty), you may be ineligible for federal student aid, however, you might still be eligible for state or institutional aid.
  • Please use the following worksheet to determine if you are eligible for federal student aid: 2014-2015 Drug Conviction Worksheet
  • Please see Merced College's Drug and Alcohol Policy for Institutional Penalties Drug Free Campus

2) Complete Your Financial Aid File at Merced College

An advisor reviews your financial aid paperwork including your Merced College transcript. Your advisor then determines if:

  1. All information is accurate and you are “packaged” and subsequently an award letter will be available on the  MC Portal (http://mc4me.mccd.edu).
  2. More information is needed and you are advised in person or by letter of what information is needed.
  3. Corrections must be made and our office will make them electronically.
  4. You are not eligible because of grades or you have attempted more than 150% of the required units for completion of your academic program at Merced College (satisfactory academic progress) and disqualified for financial aid. You will be advised of your options.
  5. If you are not eligible for other reasons you will be notified.

You should read your award letter carefully and pay attention to the terms listed. The award amounts are based on full-time enrollment so, if you are enrolled in less than 12 units, your award amount will differ from the amount stated in the letter. Please refer to the Financial Aid Schedule of Disbursements web page.

3) Get Your Financial Aid Award

See Types of Financial Aid page.