Please read the following rules and directions in order to help you be successful while taking the exam.


  • Turn all electronic devices completely OFF (Not on Silent or Vibration Mode; i.e. cellphones) and place off the desk space.
  • If we see or hear your cell phone while taking the exam, you will be removed from testing, no questions asked.
  • No food or drinks are allowed by the computers – please place these items on the ground or take them outside to discard.
  • No talking during the exam
  • No dictionaries, translators, or other device aids
  • No calculators, except the calculator that will appear within the exam for your use on certain problems.
    • If you are caught using your cell phone calculator or pulling up the system calculator you will be removed from testing immediately
  • When you finish your exam or have a question, please remain seated and raise your hand
  • You can take breaks whenever you need/want, without asking permission. Simply, leave you student ID card on the keyboard, stand up and leave the room with all your materials left at your computer and return when you are done.


  • The test will begin with background questions. The first question is “Which test are you taking?” Make certain you choose “Merced College Placement Test.” The other choices you must have prior approval from a counselor.
  • Accuplacer/Placement Test is not a pass/fail test, it is used for placement only
  • Please take your time and do your best, since you are only allowed to take the test once and it will determine your placement into courses
    • If you do not feel well or have not studied adequately we suggest you return to test on another day
  • Three areas will be tested: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, and Math
  • We provide scratch paper and a pencil to use during the math portion of the exam.
  • If you are not familiar with how to use a computer, there is a tutorial before you begin the exam.
  • The test you are about to take is online and multiple choice
  • You cannot leave any answers blank
  • Please make sure you double check your answers before you continue to the next question
    • Once the next question loads, the test will NOT allow you go to back to change any answers.

There are no time limits on the test. If you cannot complete the test, you can save it and return to complete it.