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Honors Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Several of the following courses will be offered each semester:

  • Communication Studies 1H: Honors Fundamentals of Speech

  • English 13H: Honors Critical Reasoning and Writing (also: Philosophy 13H)

  • History 17AH: Honors United States History and United States Constitution

  • History 17BH: Honors United States History and California State and Local Government

  • Honors 40A: The 60ís Experience

  • Honors 40B: Native American Philosophy

  • Honors 40C: Philosophy and Rock Music

  • Honors 40D: The Philosophy of Sex and Love

  • Humanities 1H: Honors Studies in the Humanities: Ancient to Early Renaissance

  • Humanities 2H: Honors Studies in the Humanities: Renaissance to Present

  • Math 2H: Honors College Algebra and Trigonometry

  • Philosophy 1H: Honors Introduction to Philosophy

  • Psychology 1AH: Honors Introduction to Psychology

Projected offerings:

Fall Semester

  • Communication Studies 1H
  • History 17AH
  • Honors 40A or Honors 40C
  • Humanities 1H
  • Philosophy 1H

Spring Semester

  • English 13H
  • History 17BH
  • Honors 40B or Honors 40D
  • Mathematics 2H
  • Philosophy 13H
  • Psychology 1AH