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Counselors provide both academic and personal counseling to EOPS students. During regular meetings with students, they develop individualized educational plans, and review graduation requirements for AA and AS degrees, certificates, or transfer programs. 

Charlie Bennett

charlie bennett

Mr. Bennett has more than 25 years of educational experience working with students.  During this period, he has counseled students with a wide array of situations and conditions. He is a strong EOPS advocate who understands that people learn in different ways, and recommends the use of varied instructional methods that respond to the needs of the individual student.

Isabel Cambridge

Iisabel cambridge

Isabel Cambridge joined the Merced College EOPS team in 2001. Prior to Merced College, Isabel worked in university and Liberal Arts college settings.  She has been a counselor and educator for over 17 years.  She enjoys working with the resilient student population that EOPS serves. In addition to being a counselor, Isabel teaches several guidance courses and is the advisor for the Native American Student club.

Debbie Cox

debbie cox

Debbie Cox is an EOPS/DSS counselor on the Los Banos Campus. 

Amir Falahi

amir falahi

Mr. Falahi is a Merced College graduate who enjoys participating in the college graduation ceremonies and observing students, many that remind him of himself, accomplish their dreams.
Lou Ferguson

Ms. Ferguson has worked as an EOPS counselor at Merced College since 1996, and considers her assignment as challenging, stimulating, and exciting.  She is appreciative of individual differences, and enjoys the interpersonal interaction with the diverse student population.
Valarie Lacey

valarie lacey

Ms. Lacey has been an EOPS counselor since 1989. She enjoys serving people, particularly the diverse EOPS population.