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Continuing Education (Noncredit)

Welcome to the Continuing Education (Noncredit) Program at Merced College

Merced College knows that education does not stop after high school or college. It is a life long process. Continuing Education offers classes that help your continued growth, whether you want to update current job skills, acquire new jobs kills or seek classes for personal enrichment.

More than two hundred noncredit classes are offered each session at 33 sites throughout Merced County and the surrounding area. More than 6000 students take advantage of noncredit classes to improve their quality of life in a variety of ways.

The Continuing Education Program is located at the Merced Tri-College Center on the college campus (entrance off of "G" Street - View Campus Map ).

Continuing Education Program noncredit classes differ from Community Services  not for credit classes which are supported entirely by user fees.

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