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Minutes Phi Theta Kappa


Phi Theta Kappa
General Meeting Minutes
May 1, 2011

The meeting of Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Sigma Delta Chapter was called to order on April 27, 2011 1:06 PM by JoFawna, President.

Roll: Those present were Crystal Zaragoza, Sal Padilla, Albert Frugoli, Nikiesha Thomas, Kaitlyn Katoa, Lawrence Ramirez, Tiffany Drake, Maria Vega, Eri Nagase, Toshiaki Shibata, Eric Dietrich, J.J. Sandoval, Tim Holmes, Jo Fawna Reali, Samantha Sousa, Elizabeth Avalos, Avilene Avila, Katherine Hernandez, Elizabeth Garcia, and Silvia Sanchez-Ultreras.


Officer Reports:

VP of Service- Albert Frugoli

Albert reported that he was contracted by Love Inc. on Friday, but he had do decline since we had already begun our vacation and it was too late to get anything put together. It is unfortunate that it turned out this way, but we can just try to make sure that the next time things go more smoothly.

VP of Membership-Nikiesha Thomas

Nikiesha reported that she does need volunteers for the day of the induction ceremony to help set up. They will begin set up at 11 for the ceremony that starts at 12.

VP of Fundraising-Sal Padilla

Sal reported that the Flyers have been received for them Me & Ed’s fundraiser that we will be doing on May 5, we will be distributing the flyers during diversity week.

VP of Meetings-Lawrence Ramirez

Lawrence asked that everyone vote for the outstanding member award during the meeting, so that a majority of the votes are in, because there weren’t many votes prior to this.

New Business:

1. An e-mail was sent out to everyone before the break, and those that have fun raised and need us to still pay for your membership we need your original letter with you special code and need you to sit down with us at the next meeting to get some information from you to pay for your membership. If you sold candy and you already paid your fee and wanted your money back I need you to send me an email. If I don’t get an e-mail, you don’t get the money. It is very Important that communication goes quickly and successfully these next weeks since these are our last weeks.

2. We received the plaque for officer Wilde for all of the service that he has done, and we will try to present it to him at the induction or our May 5th event, which ever he can attend.

3. The induction ceremony will take place on Saturday in the Theater. We are getting Tiffany to get the cake and refreshments and Jo Fawna has the plates and cups.

4. J.J. will call Officer Wilde to see if he is available to come to the induction ceremony.

5. If you signed up for a time for Diversity Week please make sure that you are there. It is important that we have someone out there at all times.

Unfinished Business:

1. We are going to trying get Dr. Hallman to speak during the induction ceremony, if not Mr. Davies will speak.

2. There are people that still have not turned in their money from the candy and that needs to be turned in ASAP.


1. Our next general meeting will be on Wednesday, May 4, 2011. The meeting will be held out in the quad at our booth for Diversity Week!

The meeting was adjourned at 1:44 PM by Jo Fawna Reali, President.


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