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The President's Circle

The President's Circle was founded in July 1989.  The partnership between Merced College and the President's Circle is a wonderful example of the good work that can be achieved when a community and its community college work together.

Our Goals

  • To establish, encourage and maintain close, meaningful relationships between Merced College and the residents it serves; and,
  • To provide the President of Merced College funds for exceptional and worthwhile student-focused projects which are not covered through District resources. 

Our Objectives

  • To encourage the public to participate in its community college;
  • To promote an understanding of the mission of Merced College;
  • To promote an understanding of the challenges confronting the college;
  • To encourage community involvement in Merced College through social and cultural activities; and,
  • To afford its members an opportunity to confer with the college staff.

Board of Directors

President Robert Haden
Vice President Gaye Riggs
Secretary/Treasurer Cindy Temple
Ex-officio Jessica Moran
Board of Trustees Sue Chappell
Member Roger Wood
Member Mary Camper