Message from the Superintendent/President

Merced College Welcomes Our Diverse Student Population

Dear Students,

We would like to ensure you that Merced College values all students and strives to be a welcoming environment.  Merced College is strongly committed to our students and our mission of accessibility and success for our diverse student population. 

As a public institution of higher education, we will continue our work to ensure every student has full access to our college and our center.  We are committed to providing the educational support and resources necessary for our students to succeed. 

We are also deeply committed to protecting the rights of our undocumented students to attend our institutions and receive state aid under the provisions of AB 540, enacted in 2001, and the California Dream Act, signed into law in 2011.  These laws allow undocumented students to be exempt from non-resident tuition, and receive private scholarships and state financial aid, including community college fee waivers (BOGW), and Cal Grants.

Merced College would like to assure all students that we will do our best to support them in the coming months and years.  We are proud to serve all our students and we will do everything in our power to ensure your success.


Signature of Chris Vitelli

Chris Vitelli, Ed.D.

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Board Resolution 17-16: In Support of Undocumented Students and Affirming the Privacy of Student Records and Supporting Diversity and Unity