MaintenanceAbout the Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining all buildings and facilities on campus in order to ensure a safe and comfortable learning and working environment for students, staff and faculty.   See "Current Projects" page for additional information.

The following services are provided:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Upgrades and repairs; carpentry projects, remodels and repairs
  • Maintenance of electrical panels, breakers and equipment
  • Painting of buildings, parking lots, and signs
  • Plumbing upgrades and repairs
  • Installation and
    maintenance of door locks and automatic doors
  • Daily general maintenance

How to Get Service

To Report an Emergency or Report a Safety Issue
Call or email the main office at (209) 384-6134 (Linda Mayfield) or you may email

To Request a Repair
Call or email the main office at (209) 384-6134 (Linda Mayfield) or you may email
Linda will initiate a Service Request for the work to be done and pass the information along to the proper individual. Upon completion, you will receive a copy of the completed Service Request.

Project Requests
For larger or more costly requests, such as remodeling, repainting, or re-carpeting a room:

  1. A Work Order Form will need to be completed by your department; signed by the Dean; then submitted to your Vice-President for approval.  Information Sheet
  2. After approval, the Work Order will be forwarded to Ron Perez for a cost estimate of the work to be completed, and then processed accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding the Service Request or Work Order process, please contact Linda Mayfield at (209) 384-6134 or