The Office of Instruction consists of seven deans, and five classified staff. The goal of the Office of Instruction is to encourage and empower faculty and students to engage in successful teaching and learning.

Organizational Chart

Instructional Deans

Douglas Kain
Dean of Instruction, Area 1
(209) 384-6344,
Area 1 Programs: Engineering, Math, Science, Off-Campus Centers

Vince Piro
Dean of Instruction, Area 2
(209) 384-6489,
Area 2 Programs: Foreign Languages, Humanities, English, Liberal Studies, Noncredit, Adult Education

Toni Pirtle
 Dean of Instruction, Area 3
(209) 384-6396,
Area 3 Programs: Agriculture, Industrial Technology, Accounting, Business, Computers, Management,  Nutrition, Workplace Learning Resource Center, Center for International Trade Center, Business, Industry & Community Services

Robert Anderson
Dean of Instruction, Area 4
(209) 386-6730,
Area 4 Programs: Child Development, Health, Kinesiology, Athletics, Nursing, Public Safety, Radiologic Technology

John Albano
Dean of Instruction, Area 5
(209) 386-6777,
Area 5 Programs: Anthropology, Art, Communications Studies, Drama, Economics, Geography, History, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Theater

Nancy Golz
Dean of Learning Resource Center, Area 6
(209) 381-6082,
Area 6 Programs: Learning Resource Center, Distance Education

Brenda Latham
Dean of Instruction, Los Banos Campus, Area 7
(209) 381-6410,\

Area 7: Los Banos Center, Dos Palos

Baba Adam                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dean of Institutional Effectiveness                                                                                                                                                                     (209) 384-6068,


Michelle Joseph
Child Development Center Director
(209) 386-6633,

Elaine Craig
Business, Industry & Community Services Director
(209) 384-6737,

Jessica Moran
Acting Director of Noncredit and Adult Education
(209) 381-6477,

Jeanette Benson
Center for Int'l Trade Development Director
(209) 384-5892,

 Vincent Roos
Interim Workplace Learning Resource Center Director
(209) 386-6734,

Autumn Gardia
Director of Special Projects and Grants

(209) 381-6580,