Merced College Contract Education

Special Notice:

Classes can be Face to Face and Online: New Schedules

The Customer Service Academy and Emerging leaders Institute classes can be offered face to face and online.  The updated schedules reflect the classes, modes of instruction, and the dates they are available.  Please reach out to us if you need any assistance.

 Visit Merced College Contract Education for course offerings and how to register.

 The Contract Education department seeks to provide local employers and citizens of the greater Merced area with customized training, leadership, and development programs. The programs offered are functional in context to the job by providing skill enhancement that employees can apply immediately to their job after training.

 Merced College Community Education

 The  Community Education department provides opportunities for education, enrichment, and adventure. The offerings are not-for-credit ranging from yoga to kid’s camps.  

 Visit Merced College Community Education for course offerings and how to register.