Organizational Chart

Contact Information for Administrative Services Departments

Title Name Email Phone
Vice President's Office
Vice President, Administrative Services Joe Allison 384-6108
Administrative Assistant/Confidential Denise Butler 384-6102
Business and Fiscal Services
Director of Business and Fiscal Services Andre Urquidez 384-6209
Senior Accounting Manager Kimberly Freitas 384-6202
Supervisor of Payroll Laurie Barney 384-6207
Supervisor of Student Fees Delia Esquivel 384-6216
Maintenance, Grounds, Farm, Events, Transportation and Facilities Construction
Director of Facilities Management Ron Perez  384-6135
Director of Grounds, Farm Management and Special Projects Bryan Tassey  386-6778
Manager of Capital Planning and Events Sheila Flores 384-6225
Print Services
Manager of Graphics Communication Richard Manifest 384-6179
Police Services
Police Chief Matt Williams 384-6304
Manager of Purchasing Chuck Hergenraeder 384-6300
Bookstore Manager Robyn Piro 384-6488
Risk Management
Risk Environmental and Safety Director Paul Baxter 384-6244
Child Development Center
Director Child Development Center Michelle Joseph 386-6633