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Merced College Redistricting

June 2011

Dear Community Members:

Ben Duran photo

Every 10 years, following the national census, a process known as redistricting begins all across the country.  Redistricting shapes political boundaries to comply with the Voting Rights Act and to maintain equal population within districts.

Local governments such as counties and cities, even school districts that elect governing boards, must redraw their boundaries with new population figures from the 2010 census.  The Merced Community College District invites public comment during the coming year as we begin our own redistricting process.

Public comment is essential and in the coming months we’ll provide information about this process.  Public hearings will be held and interested parties are welcome to add their voices as we seek to maintain the principle of “one person, one vote.” 

The MCCD is made up of seven districts, each represented by a trustee voted into office by the voters of that particular district.  These new district boundaries will be formed using the latest demographic data.  Our purpose is to ensure that communities will remain intact and that the people can elect district trustees who represent their best interests.

Beginning in August, the current MCCD Board of Trustees will hold public hearings to review legal guidelines, develop and adopt local goals, and to develop the first of several redistricting scenarios.  This information will be provided to the public on our college website at  Our current timeline calls for our redistricting process to be completed in November with the final plan to be sent to the US Department of Justice in December.

We appreciate the public’s participation in this important redistricting process.



Benjamin T. Duran, Ed.D.


 Area C2 was adopted at the November 1, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting as item 9, a and b. The following is an except from the minutes of the 11-1-11 Board of Trustees meeting detailing the vote:

9. To the Board for Discussions and/or Action

a. Public Hearing on Redistricting Scenarios

No one addressed the Board.

b. Adoption of Redistricting Scenario Natalia Austin from Merced County Association of Governments reviewed the criteria for redistricting, the existing areas and demographics, and the proposed scenarios. She discussed the scenario developed to test the retrogression in Area 7. The test dips and juts to gather only Hispanic population and excludes non-Hispanics, breaking up neighborhoods and communities of interest. Also the deviation is very high at 9.2%. The final analysis is retrogression is unavoidable and the initial three scenarios meet the criteria the best.

Discussion occurred.

MS (Haden/Braxton) to adopt redistricting scenario A2. Student advisory vote was aye. Trustees Lashbrook, Jordan, Troost, Braxton voted no.

MSC (Troost/Braxton) to adopt redistricting scenario C2. Student advisory vote was aye. Trustee Lashbrook voted no.

Support Documents



MCCD Redistricting - Fourth public notice.pdf
General_Schedule_For_The_Redistricting_Process(rev2).pdf MCCD Redistricting - Fifth Notice
Merced College Existing Demographics 2011 with Race and CVAP.pdf (REVISED 8-29-11)   Redistricting Scenarios/Maps
Merced College Existing Demographics   MCCD_ScenarioA2.pdf
MCCD Redistricting Public Hearing Notice 1.pdf   MCCD_ScenarioB2.pdf